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Your Conservatory Your Choice

 conservatory heat control glass


Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Other key considerations are, of course, style, appearance and comfort though it’s here where the glass you choose makes all the difference. You want your conservatory to look good and to suit your needs.


Nowadays the potential uses of a conservatory are as diverse as the designs available. Some are looking to add extra living space that can be used year round as a dining room, children’s playroom, home office or similar, while others are looking to create a seamless, visually connected link between home and garden.


Conservatories can offer a bright and airy place to relax and enjoy uninterrupted views of outside whilst maintaining a comfortable inside ambience.


When choosing a conservatory you need to ensure that it will match your own specific lifestyle requirements and it is here that the right choice of glass is key.


By considering a combination of Saint-Gobain Glass products and tint finishes you can create the conservatory that is perfect for you.


Our conservatory roof glass range offers you a choice of four attractive tints all with low maintenance self-cleaning.

Each glass tint offers its own combination of solar control and glare reduction properties as well as an individual character to suit your own.


Specify SGG PLANITHERM 4S conservatory wall glass with any of our roof options to obtain the ultimate combination of a cooler summer environment and warm, cozy winter months.


With SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS your conservatory will be comfortable, will cost less to heat or cool, and will stay cleaner for longer.

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