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Energy efficient glass, efficiency built in

Posted on: 06 Feb 2015 | Posted in: News | Author: Admin

As the temperatures drop and snow falls across the UK our natural instinct is to turn up the heating. And despite some energy companies reducing their bills, the cost of heating our homes is still front of mind for many people.

That’s why it’s important to consider the installation of energy efficient windows and doors – and that means paying attention to the type of glass that’s used.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that glass is glass. Technology has moved on massively in the last 10 years so you must get the specification right.

All sealed units and Uni-Blinds® from Morley Glass & Glazing provide the optimum combination of insulation. We make this possible by using only the UK-made Planitherm series of glass supplied by industry-leading glass processor Glassolutions. Planitherm is a family of high-performing low-E glass products with several options to best suit the multi-functional demands on any window, door, conservatory or façade.

Double and triple glazed sealed units are available featuring:

  • Planitherm Total+
  • Planitherm One
  • Planitherm 4S

The exact specification of your sealed unit will depend on the application, not least the size and orientation of the window or door. So we’re here to provide all the support our customers need to achieve the best result.

The Planitherm series is used for all our EcoClear Plus double and triple glazed sealed units which deliver energy efficient windows and doors with wide ranging aesthetic and comfort benefits:

  • helps to eliminate cold areas around windows resulting in greater comfort
  • reduces incidence of condensation on the inner pane
  • neutral appearance in both transmission and reflection
  • maximises entry of natural daylight
  • maximises use of living and working areas

energy saving glass

Warm edge spacer bar

Following a two year development programme in conjunction with Italian glass insulation specialist TGI, every Uni-Blinds double glazed sealed unit now comes with a warm edge spacer bar as standard to offer optimum thermal insulation.

For the domestic replacement market, this makes Uni-Blinds suitable for A and B rated windows under the WER (Window Energy Ratings) scheme – and for new build this means integral blinds can be used in windows with a U-value down to 1.20 W/m2K.

Uni-Blinds provide a low maintenance and contemporary feature for any double glazed window or door. They are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Once sealed in this totally dust-free environment, the blinds require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage. The operational reliability of Uni-Blinds has been proven in the market for more than 25 years which is backed by a five-year warranty.

Uni-Blinds sealed units are supplied in the same way as standard sealed units with just 10 day lead times and Morley Glass & Glazing provides an excellent after sales service.

Find out more about Uni-Blinds from Morley Glass & Glazing at www.uniblind.co.uk

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