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Integral blinds, The Smarter Alternative To Traditional Blinds

Posted on: 24 Jul 2015 | Posted in: News | Author: Admin

Traditional Venetian, pleated, roman or roller blinds are attached to window and door frames – and whilst there are many benefits to these different types of blinds, a more practical and low maintenance option is integral blinds.

Integral blinds, sometimes called in between blinds, are fitted inside the sealed unit i.e. in between the two panes of glass in a double glazed unit. This means that they are out of harm’s way so they can never be damaged (unlike the Venetian blinds in the illustrating image above).

The range of Uni-Blinds® integral blind sealed units from Morley Glass & Glazing, which incorporate the ScreenLine® system are both stylish and contemporary in appearance – and will stay that way, as they are contained within the sealed unit safe from dust, dirt and damage whilst still offering excellent shading and privacy solutions for the home, office or commercial application including schools and hospitals.

They are particularly suited for use within bi-folding and sliding doors where other types of blind or curtain are not practical or achievable.

They are truly versatile yet discreet and are available in a wide range of colour options. Uni-Blinds® are user-friendly and the range includes a cordless manually-controlled unit operated via a smooth user-friendly sliding magnet, as well as motorised units which can be controlled via programmable infra-red or radio frequency remote units or work as part of a fully automated smart home system.

Advantages of integral blinds

Light and heat regulation
You determine the amount of heat and light you wish to allow into the room. You can pull up the blinds or let them down. By tilting the blinds, you can regulate the light intensity perfectly.

User friendly 
Uni-Blinds® can be operated manually, motorised, solar powered or cordless sliding.

  • Hygienic – you will never have to clean again
Integral blinds are fitted inside the sealed unit so are well protected from dust and dirt. You will never have to clean the blinds again! All you need to do is clean the windows and in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens with high humidity and grease – this is a welcome solution.
  • Safe for children

    Children cannot become caught in the tangle of cords as they are held tight against the window or door frame – and in the case of motorized blinds, cords are not used at all.
  • Longer life span
    The integral blinds are protected by the glass from passers-by walking past or into
    them, which prevents damage and enhances the lifespan of the product. Additionally
    the wind does not blow into them or affect them in any way.
  • Saves space

    Because the integral blinds do not touch the windowsill, you can utilize this space as you wish – reducing clutter and enhancing your interior design.


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