Integrated Blinds

Start saving £££’s with integrated blinds! we manufacture a huge range of blinds integrated within sealed glass units

Do you wish you could block out the dull grey skies? Do you get frustrated when the sun glares in?

Your life could be made much easier with the revolutionary integrated blinds system, Uni-blinds®.

  • Activate the blinds automatically, from the comfort of your chair
  • Keep the room at the perfect temperature
  • Save time and money cleaning

Uni-blinds® are a state of the art window covering that requires zero cleaning. The blinds are assembled inside a double glazed sealed unit, therefore creating a completely clean environment.

You can get the ideal ambience in your living room or office space, simply with the touch of a button. Not only does the system offer the ultimate protection from the heat and glare of the sun but they stay clean for life which means there’s no more hassle of dusting.

Advantages of integrated blinds

  • Maintenance-free
  • The ultimate convenience
  • Save £££’s on your energy bills trying to heat the living space

Normal blinds can hide harmful bacteria and dirt but these unique integrated blinds are totally hygienic. They are perfect for living rooms, conservatories, boardrooms and public buildings and what’s more, there are a vast array of designs and colours to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Open your blinds in an instance to keep the room cosy and warm, and then shut them again when it gets too hot.

Here at Morley Glass and Glazing Ltd we are the only UK company licensed to fabricate Uni-blinds® in house. We offer a full install and fit service and at an affordable price.

Get the most out of the great British weather and warm/cool your room with just a touch of a button. Call us today on 0113 277 8722 or email for more information on the revolutionary blinds in glass system.

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