On the level

On the level

Posted on: 18 Jul 2016 | Posted in: News | Author: Admin

A common problem with manually operated blinds – particularly external blinds, but sometimes in between blinds too – is that they do not raise and lower evenly. The slats can look out of level and not appear parallel.

This can be frustrating for the homeowner as it simply looks uneven and usually means that the operating cord is not functioning correctly. Nobody wants to see a wonky blind.

To prevent this happening with our Uni-Blind sealed units with ScreenLine integral blinds inside, Italian manufacturer Pellini has incorporated an automatic levelling device, exclusively for the SV System.

The SV System is a manually operated Venetian blind system that utilises a patented magnetic device to operate the blinds encapsulated within 20mm cavity double glazing units. The blind is raised and lowered by moving the slider up or down and is tilted by slightly lifting or lowering the same slider.

Ideal for bi-folding doors, conservatories and sliding doors, the slats are available in a choice of 10 colours including S159 anthracite grey, which is exclusive to Morley Glass & Glazing, and is matched to RAL7016.

With high quality manufacture and attention to detail, combined with 10 day delivery and excellent customer service, Morley Glass is always your first choice for integral blinds.

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