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Spring cleaning is easy with self-cleaning glass and Uni-Blinds®

Posted on: 06 Mar 2015 | Posted in: News | Author: Admin

Meteorologists say the first day of spring is on March 1 but astronomers say that’s nonsense and spring begins on March 20th.

Whoever you believe now is the time when we traditionally spring clean our homes. But in today’s busy world we’re always looking for ways to save time and effort – and that includes cutting down on our cleaning regime. And that’s where self-cleaning glass and Uni-Blinds® integral blinds come into their own.

Self-cleaning glass

Put the chore of window cleaning behind you thanks to low-maintenance, self-cleaning glass!

Self-cleaning glass doesn’t need to be cleaned as frequently as normal glass. It is kept clean using natural elements present in UV light from the sun and rain so windows stay cleaner for longer

  • Much easier cleaning – less dirt and grime adheres to the glass.
  • Save money – the cost of window cleaning is reduced
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas – such as roofs
  • Permanent coating – lasts the lifetime of the window itself.
  • Environmentally friendly – less frequent use of water and detergents
  • Self-cleaning glass can be combined with many other products for multi-functional glazing, such as thermal and solar control, noise reduction and enhanced safety and security.

Uni-Blinds® integral blinds

Stylish, maintenance-free modern blinds

Uni-Blinds® are installed between two glass sheets inside the double glazed unit to give you the ultimate in protection from the heat and glare of the sun and at the same time making sure they stay clean – forever.

Our integral blind systems eliminate the need for cleaning and are more hygienic than external blinds.

We provide a wide selection of contemporary blinds that will always look new and never get damaged. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, you will have no trouble finding a Uni-Blind® that fits your room style and décor. The blinds offer complete privacy and, with the touch of a button, you can cover up dreary grey skies or let the glorious sun shine in.

Advantages of Uni-Blinds®

  • Maintenance-free
  • Ultra-modern styling
  • Ideal for homes, conservatories, offices, hotels, hospitals and public buildings
  • Totally hygienic – no dirt or bacteria build up
  • Help regulate energy bills
  • Warm-edge spacer bars as standard

The shortest lead times in the industry

With Uni-Blinds®, you can have integral blinds delivered in just 10 days from any Friday. That’s amongst the fastest turnaround you’ll find anywhere.

Morley Glass and Glazing is the only company in the licensed to fabricate Uni-Blinds® in house, and we offer a full installation and fitting service at competitive prices. Simply get in touch with our team today on 0113 277 8722.

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