staned glass for conservatories

Stained glass for doors, windows and conservatories

Posted on: 21 Apr 2015 | Posted in: News | Author: Admin

The first thing you usually think of when you see “stained glass” is probably a church, and you’ll be wondering what this might have to do with your home.

Well, the art of playing with light is definitely one that historic structures the world over have mastered, but you can also bring this design idea into your home in subtle and interesting ways.

Whether it’s stained glass to enhance an entrance door, elegant leaded glass in the toplights of windows and conservatories, or decorative films – you can personalise your home and enhance its visual appeal with coloured glass.

Stained or leaded glass has been in use for thousands of years, most commonly in churches but also in the home. And it’s not just traditional homes that are enjoying this artistic addition. It’s sufficiently versatile to be used to create stunning contemporary glass features for doors and windows in new properties too.

By combining different colours and textures, our glass craftsmen can create stunning glass panels that look amazing but also provide your home with the highest levels of security and insulation.

Our leaded glass units feature RegaLead’s advanced Antique and Platinum coated lead strips which will not age or weather, nor will they be subject to the discolouring effects of oxidation.

We have a huge range of replacement windows, fanlights, door panels and toplights to choose from, which will add a touch of individuality to your home.

Visit our gallery for ideas and inspiration. Click here to go to stained-glass

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