b'MOTORISEDROOF INTEGRAL BLINDS Skys the limit for new integral roo ight blindFlat roofl ights have become a popular feature in many domestic extension and refurbishment projects due to how effective they can be at introducing natural light into what may otherwise be a rather gloomy space. But as with virtually any window or door, there are times when you will want to close out the light or view and enjoy some privacy, or perhaps shade the room from strong sunshine. Hence why blinds for roofl ights are as important as everywhere else in the home.Whilst there are plenty of frame mounted roofl ight blinds on the market that will help homeowners achieve a shading and privacy solution in one form or another, these are not always ideal where there is a desire to maintain clean sightlines and strong visual appeal with the roof windows. A new integral blind from Morley Glass, however, overcomes this and ticks all the boxes.Developed in response to growing demand from installers, the new Uni-Blinds integral blind for fl at roof windows is as sleek as every other option in the market-leading range. It is a pleated blackout blind which is fully encapsulated within a double glazed unit, with the opening and closing operated by remote control or a wall mounted hard-wired control unit.'