b'LIGHT & SHADEMADE EASYThe Corded Uni-Blind is a patented magnetic system enabling the manual operation of Venetianblinds incorporated within the 20, 22, 27 or 29mm cavity of insulating glass units. With this system,the slat raising, lowering and tilting function is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission throughthe glass, thereby guaranteeing the double-glazed units hermetic seal. Two set of magnets work together to provide this functionalityone is inserted in the blind head rail within the cavity and the other applied to the external glass surface.Be in full control of the light in your homeA continuous cord loop drives the external magnet, which controls the raising and lowering of the blind. The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner and fully complies with the British Blind and Shutter AssociationMake it Safe campaign.'