b'HOW THE C SYSTEMOPERATESRAISING LOWERING TILTINGThere are several different ways that Uni-Blinds Venetian blinds can be operated using the C System. They are all equally reliable and smooth so the choice is really down to how the blinds will be usedand personal preference.CordWith the cord mechanism, the slat raising, lowering, and tilting function is achieved using a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass. This is taken care of by one set of magnets inserted in the blind head rail within the cavity and the other applied to the external glass surface.WandThe wand mechanism comprises a small pole attached at the topto the room-facing pane of the double glazed unit. It is twistedto open and close the blind just like traditional Venetian blinds. Please note that wand operation can only function to tilt the blind and cannot be used to raise the blinds completely.Rotational KnobA stylish rotational knob mechanism is recommended for tilt-only Uni-Blinds where a clean window or doors appearance is sought, free of the obstruction of a cord or wand down the glass unit.The rotational knob enables the opening and closing of theVenetian blind in a smooth, easy to use motion.'