b'HOW THE MOTORISEDSYSTEM OPERATESRAISING LOWERING TILTINGThere are three options for operating the MB Systemwhich can be configured to suit:Remote control A simple handheld device with intuitive controls.Wall mounted controls An elegantly designed unit that can be positioned closeto the window or door with no wires visible.Integrated into a home automation system Perfect for smart homes so the blinds can be controlledfrom any smartphone.Within the blind unit is a super-quiet brushless motor which raises and lowers the blind smoothly,as well as tilting the slats.The motor is activated by a control unit which is compatible with all main Building Management Systems. This enables the operation of several blinds and the accurate tilting of the slats across the width of the window or door to deliver the perfect look. The motor and the entire electronic blind management system are positioned within the headrail,on a specially designed component that reduces vibrations, thus making the system very silent.'