b'Morley accessories brochure:Layout 112/06/201511:31Page 13UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - M SYSTEM UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - M SYSTEMM SYSTEM - CONTROLS (RF)SL1963Control unit with integrated radio receiver for one blind Quantity of blinds can be increased by expansionwith control unit SL1807 up to 4 blinds at a timeDim.: 48x43x21 mm (WxHxD)SL2392S159Radio remote controlPortable transmitter with LCD display up to 99 channels Colour: anthracite greyDim.: 40x128x11 mm (WxHxD)CR2430 Replacement remote control batteryM SYSTEM - CABLESSL2361Cable for external connection of M motor SL23611000L 1 mt (standard) SL23612000L 2 mtSL23613000L 3 mt SL23615000L 5 mtSL236110000L 10 mt SL236115000L 15 mt ST8101100mt Coil MB Blind wire12'