b'Morley accessories brochure:Layout 112/06/201511:31Page 7UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - C SYSTEM UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - C SYSTEMC SYSTEM Double-sided adhesive tape for wand control device CE SL1017 transparentKit consisting of external magnetic device SL2240, cord loop SL1011 and cordSL1017S160 blacktensioner SL1899, available in 5 coloursCORD MEASURING GUIDESL1226 Cord loop Old external magnetic device - transparent wandSL1011300 whiteSL1011401 cream SL1011 beige SL1011422 greySL1011 blackSL1230 Option 1 & 2 - As Measuring Guide Old cord tensioners - transparent wandOption 3 - To suit glass heightWand external magnetic deviceSL1032S000 transparent SL1032S102 white SL1032S160 blackSL2239Double-sided adhesive tape for 31mm external magnetic deviceSL1033Transparent wand rodSL1897Double-sided adhesive tape for cord tensionerRound knob SL2248S155 greySL2248S102 whiteSL1898SL2240S000 transparentSL2240S102 white SL2240S149 creamSL2240S155 grey Crank handle keySL211031mm diam. external magnetic device SL2240S000 transparent SL2240S102 whiteExternal motor (after sales)SL2240S149 cream SL2240S155 grey SL2190S155 greySL2190S102 whiteSL2190B160 blackCord tensioner Transmission device for triple glazing SL1899S000 transparentSL1899S102 whiteSL2364 10mmSL2365 12mmSL2366 14mm SL1899S149 cream SL1899S155 grey SL2367 16mmSL2387 20mmFor accessories related to C systems when used in combination with the external motor,refer to M system accessories.06'