b'Morley accessories brochure:Layout 112/06/201511:31Page 9UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - W SYSTEM UNI-BLINDS - ACCESSORIES - W SYSTEMW SYSTEMSL2776 W Smart Battery Battery module with radio receiver Pack S102 whiteSL2380S155R aluminium greySL2380S102R whiteS157 silverSL2380S159R anthracite grey S159 anthraciteB160 blackSL1084B160SL1081 F-Touch Battery ChargerSolarpanel blackBattery charger SL1083 F-Touch Battery ModuleSL2405UK with British plug SL2392S159W SL2775 Battery SupportRadio remote controlS102 whiteS157 silverPortable radio transmitter with LCD display for up to 99S159 anthracitechannels Colour: anthracite grey B160 blackDim.: 40x128x11 mm (WxHxD)SL2767Adhesive PadCR2430 Replacement remote control batterySL2379 Battery SupportS102 whiteS155 aluminium greyS159 anthracite greySL2379 Adhesive Pad08'