Pleated Blackout

Pleated blackout integral blinds: Darkness on demand

Sometimes only complete darkness will do. So, if getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying your favourite TV or movies in all their glory is proving difficult, external light pollution is probably the problem.

Streetlights close to your home, headlights from traffic on a busy road throughout the night or perhaps you are a shift worker who needs sleep during the day… whatever your situation, you’ll find that standard curtains or blinds can never block out unwanted light fully.

That’s why the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system is ideal. It can be used for any room where even the tiniest amount of light will cause a nuisance or distraction, thanks to a design which leaves absolutely no scope for light transmission. It is perfect for slimmer sealed units too, with a Uni-Blinds® 20mm pleated blackout exclusively available.

The Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system is encapsulated completely within the double glazed unit. It prevents light transmission through an advanced blind fabric, as well as light ‘bleed’ around the edges and cords. The fabric has a high thermal resistance too which means it will help to keep a room cool in summer months.

Helping us get a good night’s sleep
The Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system helps you gain control over the sleeping environment. It allows the bedroom to be totally darkened to ease mind and body into a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep mode. It is the perfect solution or light sleepers or shift workers who may need to sleep during the day.

Essential for our modern lifestyles
From the children’s nursery to the cinema room, pleated blackout blinds can be used in so many ways to give us the darkness we need, when we need it.

Keeping the nursery just right
When the evenings are light every parent will know how difficult it can be for babies and toddlers to understand that bedtime has arrived. Here the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system comes into its element. With zero light transmission, a child’s bedroom is quickly transformed into the darkest of nights, whatever time of day.

Perfect for the home cinema
Achieving the true cinema experience at home needs external light to be eliminated, otherwise it ends up being a distraction and annoyance. With the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system, there are no vertical cords running down the blind so no opportunity for light to leak through tiny gaps when in the closed position. Nor are there any gaps around the perimeter. The result is total black-out when the lights are down!

Protecting assets in public and commercial buildings
The total darkening provided by the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system on-demand can help protect assets in public and commercial buildings where too much or prolonged light exposure could be damaging. This could include rooms which contain antiques, works of art or where the décor is sensitive to the effects of light, as well as science laboratories or technical research facilities.

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Pleated Blackout Blinds main features:

  • Choose from four control systems
  • Suitable for slimmer double glazed units with a 20mm cavity version exclusively available from Morley Glass
  • Solution for new build or retrofit
  • Innovative spacer bars - double guided spacer bars coated to reduce reflected light to complete the darkening effect. These are also ‘warm edge’ to maintain excellent thermal performance in the double glazed unit.

Innovation comes built-in

Add a splash of colour to your Uni-Blinds

Available in a wide range of colours, you will have no trouble finding a Uni-Blind® that fits your room style and décor.

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