b'DARKNESS ON DEMANDSometimes only complete darkness will do. So, if getting a proper sleep or enjoying your favourite TVor movies in all their glory is proving difficult, external light pollution is probably the problem. Maybe you have bright streetlights close to your home or youre faced with the nuisance of headlights from passing cars right through the night. You might even be a shift or emergency services worker who needs to sleep during the day whatever your situation, youll find that standard curtains or blinds can never block out unwanted light completely.The Uni-Blinds pleated blackout system with Screenline inside provides the dependable solution. Encapsulated completely within the double glazed unit, this integral blind prevents light transmission through an advanced blind fabric, as well as light bleed around the edges and cords. The fabric hasa high thermal resistance too which means it will help to keep a room cool in summer months.This makes the pleated blackout blind perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, home cinema rooms and any room where unwanted light is a nuisance. It is also ideal for commercial applications, such as laboratories, museums or teaching facilities where too much light pollution can result in costly consequences.'