Uni-Blinds® Approved Installer Scheme Terms & Conditions

What you can expect from Morley Glass

Being a Uni-Blinds® Approved Installer brings with it a whole host of benefits including supporting materials and services provided by Morley Glass. These include:

• A suite of high quality sales brochures and other printed materials to help you inspire customers and secure business – available as pdf downloads for your website too.

• Point of sale materials for your showroom – if you have one.

• Sample packs and colour swatches to enable customers to see blind colours and materials so they make an assessment in their own home or in your showroom.

• A lead generation service whereby we provide you with appropriate enquiries about Uni-Blinds from customers in your area.

• Specialist technical and sales support so you can draw on our experience and expertise at any point to ensure you can deliver the Uni-Blinds® solution that your customer is looking for.

• Professional installer training to help you gain the confidence to fit Uni-Blinds® to the highest standards and deliver a finished product that exceeds customer expectations!

• Permission to use the Uni-Blinds® Approved Installer logo on all your marketing materials, signage, your website, email footers and wherever else you want to communicate this benefit to your customers.

Your agreement with us

Being a Uni-Blinds® Approved Installer gives you an important competitive edge as it demonstrates your expertise in providing premium quality integral blinds.

Uni-Blinds® are designed and manufactured to the highest technical and quality standards which makes Morley Glass unlike any other UK supplier. We have been refining our integral blind systems for two decades and continually re-investing to make sure they are improving every year.

Our brand and reputation is very important to us, so it is crucial that any customer looking to buy Uni-Blinds® will get exactly what they are expecting.

As a result, a condition of being a Uni-Blinds® Approved Installer is that Uni-Blinds® are the only integral blind systems you offer to customers. This exclusivity helps you protect your reputation and helps us keep the Uni-Blinds® brand at the forefront of the market.

We also expect Uni-Blinds® Approved Installers to consult with Morley Glass should any technical issues arise before, during or after installation that they are unable to deal with. We are here to help you deliver the best results.

And we encourage all Uni-Blinds® Approved Installers to use our free post-consumer glass recycling service to ensure they are doing their bit for the environment and helping generate funds for local community projects.