Textured Glass

Privacy and style with textured patterned glass available in double or triple glazing

Textured glass provides privacy in windows and doors throughout the home without losing the benefits of natural daylight. People and objects behind the glass are obscured making it a versatile building material for open plan living and working environments.

Textured glass also offers exciting possibilities as a design element in a wide range of applications. It has the unique ability to perform as a decorative interior design feature as well as a functional and structural building material.

Morley Glass offers the Pilkington Texture Glass range which includes 12 different patterned glass designs – from classic to contemporary. These provide five different levels of obscuration giving homeowners the appropriate level of privacy to suit their tastes.

Our textured glass is available toughened or laminated for additional safety and security and features in our high performance double glazed and triple glazed sealed units. Lead times are typically no different to standard glass units.

Please Note: We don’t offer any standard units, without an Integral Blind.

Patterned and textured glass advantages

  • Privacy and style throughout the home
  • All are available toughened for safety and security
  • Five levels of privacy are available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration)
  • Suitable for double and triple glazed units
  • There are 12 original patterns in the main Pilkington Texture Glass range
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