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Discover glass that stays clean, letting technology free you from window cleaning

Enjoy the view without the hassle of cleaning windows by choosing an advanced self cleaning glass low maintenance glass solutions from Morley Glass.

With these options, you can make use of the latest glass technology to cut down on maintenance and cleaning hassles. These products have a treatment or coating applied during the manufacturing process to build the self-cleaning function into the glass – this ensures windows, doors and conservatories stay cleaner for much longer than standard glazing.

Self-cleaning glass is available from Morley Glass for any window, door or conservatory – regardless of elevation and how exposed the glass is to the sun and the rain. We can do this because we use two of the world’s most advanced solutions to create low maintenance glass units – the ClearShield™ system from Ritec and BIOCLEAN glass from Saint-Gobain.

Self clean glass benefits:

Morley Glass provides the BIOCLEAN range of conservatory roof glazing from Saint-Gobain. This is available in four attractive tints to suit the design of the conservatory and homeowner tastes, all with built in self cleaning glass technology.

The coating is permanent. SGG BIOCLEAN® functionality will remain the same over the life of the glazing. The coating is highly transparent. The principle of SGG BIOCLEAN® relies on the natural action of the sun and the rain (or water).

  • The permanent self-cleaning coating lasts the lifetime of the window
  • Perfect for conservatory roofs and other hard to reach areas
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Less dirt and grime adheres to the glass so any cleaning is quick and easy
  • Ongoing cost savings with reduced window cleaning bills
  • Kinder to the environment with a less frequent use of water and detergents
  • Clear view outside even when it’s raining thanks to the sheeting effect

Self-cleaning glass for conservatory roofs

BIOCLEAN is the perfect solution for conservatory roof glass, not only offering a stunning range of tints but also the low maintenance benefits of being self cleaning.

Ideal for both residential and commercial buildings, and thanks to the hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties of the coating on the glass, SGG BIOCLEAN® brings endless benefits to both the cleaning and associated drawbacks of cleaning glass.

BIOCLEAN uses UV light and rain to actively break down dirt that builds up on the surface of the glass so windows stay cleaner for longer. That makes BIOCLEAN the perfect solution for keeping conservatory roofs clean and bright so you have less hassle keeping your conservatory in tip-top condition.

Select from our choice of Self Cleaning Glass to match your precise specification requirements. Available in a choice of four tint options below:

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