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Purchasing a conservatory is a major decision which, depending upon the size, quality and design, can be a significant investment. Main considerations are, of course, style, appearance, privacy and comfort and it’s here where decisions about the type of glass and the shading system make all the difference. Remember, you want your conservatory to look good and to perfectly suit your needs to create versatile, valuable and comfortable additional space.

When it comes to choosing the right glass and shading for your conservatory, it may be tempting to focus on how the roof glazing will perform and perhaps think about blinds and curtains once it is installed and you are onto the décor stage. But it is really important to think carefully about the side-wall glass at an early stage too and incorporate integrated blinds.

But why? The side-walls are where a large proportion of the sun’s light and heat will enter the conservatory, even where you have a glass or polycarbonate roof. And as more of us install solid roofs on our conservatories, the side-wall glazing becomes even more important as it becomes the only way for light and heat to transmit outside to inside, and vice versa.

We will help you get your conservatory side-wall glazing right. Our solution provides the conservatory with bespoke glazing units which combine the latest generation of glass products with high quality Uni-Blinds integrated blind systems to tick all the boxes.

Uni-Blinds are available with five different control systems offering Venetian and pleated integrated blind options for your conservatory. With a range of colours to choose from, they allow the conservatory sidewalls to be carefully tailored to achieve the perfect look from the outset.

Our glass options include self-cleaning glass, energy saving thermally-superior glass and solar control glass from the world’s leading manufacturers. These products represent some of the biggest advanced in glass technology in recent decades making them ideal for use with Uni-Blinds.

Choosing Uni-Blinds for your conservatory side-walls will help you achieve the ideal internal climate and give you privacy as and when you want it. The inside of your conservatory will not only feel better, it will look less cluttered too as Uni-Blinds are permanently sealed inside the double glazed unit – that instantly gives a light and airy feel to any conservatory.

Advanced solar control conservatory side wall glass

For conservatory side-wall glazing and doors, there a few better options than sealed units featuring SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass. This is an advanced solar control glass specifically designed to manage the sun’s heat and light to eliminate the risk of summertime overheating, cutting down on glare in bright conditions and filtering the amount of UV light which fades interior décor and furnishings.

All this in combination with excellent thermal insulation properties help make your conservatory warm and cosy during the winter months and pleasant throughout summer. But this is just one of our options – please click below to learn more about our advanced range of solar control and energy saving glass.


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Using PLANITHERM® energy saving glass gives the ultimate thermal performance without any detriment to the clarity of the glass. These products are specifically designed to control the amount of heat and light that passes through the window, working to manage the climate inside your conservatory 24/7.


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Through our technically advanced solar control glass options including COOL-LITE®, we have the ideal solution where your conservatory is exposed to long periods of direct sunlight. The cleverly designed coatings on solar control glass add an extra dimension to the product’s ability to reflect particularly strong sunshine whilst still giving a neutral appearance to the windows. These solar control glass options are perfect for sealed units in windows on south and south west facing elevations.

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