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Integral blinds for commercial buildings, the practical solution for commercial and public buildings 

Windows with built-in blinds are the perfect solution for many commercial buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, leisure centres, retail and public sector buildings.

Many businesses choose commercial window blinds for their external windows and glass partition walls and doors to create a contemporary appearance, flexible spaces with greater privacy and clean sight lines.

For the public sector, including council premises, hospitals, universities and schools, integral blinds offer the added benefit of being hygienically fitted between the panes of glass, keeping them away from damage, dirt and dust – making them easy to clean and maintain in the long term.

Integral blinds for commercial and public buildings are practical and stylish and are available in a wide range of colours.

Our range of Uni-Blind sealed units with Venetian or pleated integral blinds inside are suitable for residential and commercial buildings. There is a choice of 5 systems ranging from manual to motorised control. These systems are available for free delivery in 10 working days.

Commercial integral blind systems

We also offer two additional integral blind systems, designed specifically for the UK commercial market. The P System and B System are available in a wide range of 

colours. Click here to see the choice of colours (excludes S159) for these Venetian blinds for offices and other commercial premises.

commercial blinds
commercial blinds
commercial blinds

P System

The P system is a Venetian blind featuring a 12.5mm slat designed to be integrated into a double-glazed unit with a 20mm cavity.

The P System has a tilt only function and is manually operated via a wire drive controlled by an external knob on one side of the window. The specially designed corner key containing the rotational magnet is connected to the external knob by a flexible drive cable located within the glazing cavity of the window frame. Due to the narrow cavity (20mm), the system can be used in almost all types of existing window frames, whilst the special design allows the aesthetic quality to be maintained in whatever environment it is installed.

The only visible control is the external knob fixed to the window frame, allowing the glass surface to remain completely free and easy to clean.

These particular features make the P System ideal for public environments such as hospitals or government offices where a variety of people need to operate this simple but highly protected system. 

Possible dimensions of the SL20P System
Width: Min = 190 mm; Max = 2000 mm
Height: Min = 300 mm; Max = 2500 mm

The P System can also be modified to incorporate a 16mm slat for integration in a 24mm cavity unit.

Possible dimensions of the SL24P System
Width: Min = 190 mm; Max = 3000 mm
Height: Min = 300 mm; Max = 3000 mm

10-day delivery

The P System is available for delivery in an industry-busting 10-day lead time.

Anti-ligature knobs
The P System is available with a choice of operating knobs, including anti-ligature knobs which are often specified in mental health facilities, care homes, hospitals and schools, where the care and safety of vulnerable people is paramount.

commercial blinds
commercial blinds
commercial blinds

B System

The B System is a stylish commercial integral blind system featuring Venetian blinds encapsulated within a 20 or 22mm cavity with a tilt only function.

The system is operated using an external magnetic device, which is located on the glass on the lower rail. Motion is transmitted via two gears located in the top and bottom corner keys of the blind, which are connected to each other by means of a shaft which is completely concealed inside the spacer bar.

The system is particularly suitable for windowsill applications, such as structural facades, hospital wards and schools as the control device is located at the bottom of the blind, making it readily accessible from a low level or seated position.

Possible dimensions of the SL20B and SL22B Systems:
Width: Min = 250 mm; Max = 2000 mm
Height: Min = 300 mm; Max = 2500 mm

Feasibility notes
Maximum height possible according to width
with W from 250 to 300 mm H max = 1300 mm
with W from 301 to 350 mm H max = 1800 mm
with W from 351 to 2000 mm H max = 2500 mm

Commercial applications:
Façades / windows, Curtain walling, Structural glazing, Overhead glazing.

Delivery in four weeks
The B system for commercial buildings is available for delivery in four weeks.

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We offer a nationwide service and our sealed units with integral blinds inside feature in many commercial buildings across the UK including hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges, small businesses and large company head office spaces.

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commercial blinds
commercial blinds
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