The obvious choice for windows with built in blinds

When it comes to deciding which how to dress your windows and doors to provide the shading and privacy you need, the stand-out solution could be Uni-Blinds ‘between the glass’ blinds.

If you are not familiar with this type of blind, the concept is really clever. The blinds are enclosed within the double glazed units that are fitted into PVC-U, aluminium and timber window and door frames, and the UK’s leading brand is Uni-Blinds.

Being sealed inside the glass means the blind control system, of which there are several options to choose from including a slider or a cord/winder, is the only thing mounted on the face of the glass or frame.

As a result, windows and doors with Uni-Blinds built in blinds always look sleek, clean, uncluttered and ultra-modern. And the blind itself never needs cleaning because it is sealed permanently between the panes of glass. This space would ordinarily be filled with argon gas to help reduce heat loss through the window, so why not make better use of that space for a blind instead?

What types of Uni-Blinds integrated blinds can I have?
The Uni-Blinds® range provides a solution for every style or décor and taste. It offers two types of blinds that can be built in to virtually any window or door:

Venetian integral blinds
Venetian blind slats are designed with minimal width so they can fit comfortably between the panes of glass in the most common sized double glazed units – usually 20mm, 22mm or 27mm. But there is also a slim Venetian blind version too which can be fitted into a 16mm cavity, typical in many older windows and doors that were installed prior to the much higher thermal standards in place today.

Pleated integral blinds
Many people prefer a pleated blind and that is something you can also have integrated between the glass. The fabric is designed to fold neatly with years of repeated raising and lowering and they are available in a range of high quality fabrics and colours. There is also a pleated blackout integral blind within the Uni-Blinds range which is ideal for children’s nurseries and where light pollution at night is a problem.

Innovation comes built-in

Uni-Blinds control system for blinds built in to windows

With the Uni-Blinds range, there are five different operating systems to choose from – some for Venetian built in blinds and others for pleated integrated blinds:

SV System - cordless magnetic slider
The blind is operated using a patented magnetically controlled slider positioned on the side of the double glazed unit which allows a Venetian blind to be raised, lowered and tilted.

C System - corded with a winder, wand or knob
Simple and elegant, the C System works in a way that is familiar to any other type of blind. You can choose a cord to raise, lower and tilt the blind or alternatively specify a knob or wand to operate the blind.

MB System – motorised with a brushless motor
This advanced motorised integral blind system allows you to operate the blinds using a remote control device, wall mounted controls or automatically via a home automation system. The blinds can be sequenced for a very special result!

Motorised with solar power (W Smart)
With no hardwiring needed, the W Smart is ideal for homeowners looking for a simple motorised blind system for their windows and doors. It takes its power from the sun, via a small photovoltaic panel mounted on the outside of the door or window – low carbon automation and highly desirable.

S System – magnetic slider for pleated blinds
This allows a pleated blind to be raised and lowered without any cords. The slider is positioned on the bottom rail of the blind and slides up and down the glass thanks to a clever combination of magnets.

How easy is it to buy and install Uni-Blinds?

Uni-Blinds integral blinds replace the standard double or triple glazed units that are normally supplied with windows and doors. This makes them ideal for retrofitting into existing windows and doors, to give them a state-of-the-art upgrade, as well as brand new ones.

Once you’ve decided on the Uni-blinds that are right for your home, your chosen window installer will be able to help you get the design and specification right. There are maximum and minimum sizes to bear in mind, but generally Uni-Blinds will be suitable for the majority of windows and doors.

In terms of fitting, your window installer will fit the Uni-Blinds units in the same way that they would install and normal glass unit with a few additional steps to fit the control system. With the motorised MB System, the electrical supply is straightforward for any competent electrician to connect and integration with a home automation system is made simple too thanks to Uni-Blinds’ SmartMotion technology.

Blinds for bifold doors

One of the best uses for built in window blinds is for bi fold doors. This type of door has boomed in recent years, rivalling sliding (patio) doors and French doors as a viable option where your home has scope for views and access to a garden, patio or decking.

So why is the built in option the right one when it comes to bi fold door blinds? Practicality in short!

Consider the way that bifold doors operate - they are usually made up of three of four individual doors which are designed to fold together flat as the open. If you mount a blind on to each of the doors, it will get in the way of the doors being able to stack. So, you will never get the result you are expecting.

You might think an alternative is to hang blinds from the reveal or wall above the bifolds. That would certainly prevent the issue of the doors not being able to stack when opened, but visually it will only ever look cluttered and be quite impractical.

Our built-in Uni-blinds recommendations for bifold doors

Manual: Uni-Blinds SV System – a Venetian blind operated by a cordless slider

If you are looking for manually controlled blinds for bi fold doors, there is no better option than the Uni-Blinds SV System. Only ever built using globally renowned ScreenLine integral blind systems by Italian manufacturer Pellini, these blinds use a patented magnetic system that enables the slats to be raised, lowered and tilted using a single cordless slider.

The slider device runs up and down a sideguide to the left or right of the window – nothing else is mounted on the glass or frame. As a result, the SV System is perfect to provide clean sightlines, allowing you to maximise views and natural daylight through your bi-fold doors when you need it.

It is also a safe option – no cords which offers peace of mind that young children can play safely, and the slider is treated with the Sanitized® patented antibacterial finish, providing a long-lasting protective function.

Motorised: Uni-Blinds MB System – a brushless motor powered integrated blind for home automation

For those more tech-savvy, motorised blinds are a must-have – they add a wow factor as well as extra convenience. The Uni-Blinds MB System uses the latest motorised technology to allow the Venetian blinds to be raised, lowered and tilted using a remote control, a wall-mounted control panel or integrated into a home automation system including Loxone.

The MB System uses a brushless internal motor integrated within the blind head-rail, incorporating a micro-control unit plus encoder, which allows simultaneous, synchronised movements of groups of blinds.

MB System Uni-Blinds can be integrated seamlessly with home automation systems thanks to SmartMotion technology. With this innovative technology, gone are the days where the integration of integral blinds was daunting and complex. It is a unique interface which makes the process simple so that the Uni-Blinds MB System can be controlled at the touch of a button, even when you’re not at home.

Add a splash of colour to your Uni-Blinds

Available in a wide range of colours, you will have no trouble finding a Uni-Blind® that fits your room style and décor.

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