Every holiday home needs an effective shading and privacy approach for the windows and doors to maximise comfort and help protect it during unoccupied periods. But why do Uni-Blinds integral blinds offer advantages that traditional blinds and curtains don’t?

Anyone who owns a holiday home or lets a property to holidaymakers ‘Airbnb style’ will know how important it is to create a welcoming environment that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being durable, easy to clean and maintain. Interior décor and furnishings will not stay pristine for long, particularly with holiday lets where a high turnover of guests inevitably results in damage and wear and tear rates far in excess of what we would expect in our permanent homes.

According to the latest industry data from 2023, the holiday rental market in the UK reached a new peak in August with 346,000 listings, of which 280,000 were ‘entire properties’ such as houses, cottages and apartments. It is an increasingly competitive marketplace which means owners have to work harder than ever to make their holiday let stand out from the crowd and gain those all-important five star ratings.

But even where a holiday home is not let out to anyone, the last thing owners want to be doing when they visit for a well-earned break is to have to spend time deep-cleaning or making repairs!

Integral blinds fitted into bi-fold doors of a holiday home.

Low maintenance, durable products, therefore, have massive advantages for properties of this type. Interior features that require virtually no cleaning and are not easily damaged will pay dividends in the long term, especially when they help create visually stunning rooms – exactly as integral blinds manufactured using ScreenLine systems do.

Well-dressed windows and doors make an extremely positive impression in any home, not just holiday homes. Curtains and traditional blinds may be well-suited to the décor of some properties, but where the goal is to add a wow factor, nothing beats integral blinds – and they can work well in both modern and heritage properties.

Crucially, because the integral blind is permanently sealed inside an IGU (insulating glass unit), it will never become dirty or attract moisture or dust. The only parts of the blind that will ever need cleaning are the devices used to operate it – that could be a cord winder, a remote control, a switch or a magnetic slider. Even then, these will only require a quick wipe over as part of routine cleaning.

The only way the main integral blind unit can become damaged is if the IGU is smashed in a high impact accident or deliberate attack. The control system is mounted onto the window or door glass and designed to be highly durable, but should it ever become damaged it is easy to repair using ScreenLine parts readily available in as little as 24 hours from Morley Glass.

Venetian integral blinds installed in holiday home doors and windows.

All five control systems offered by Morley Glass as part of the Uni-Blinds range of integral blinds can be used in holiday homes to great effect. From the simple but elegant corded integral blind, the C System, to the smart-home compatible motorised MB System and solar powered W Smart, the range includes options to suit virtually every type of window or door and budget.

The control system that provides the optimum solution for holiday homes is perhaps the SV System, the best-selling Uni-Blinds integral blind. This is a Venetian integral blind that is controlled by a magnetic slider mounted onto the face of the glass – no cords, no requirement for an electrical connection and very easy to raise, lower and tilt the slats.

Pleated Uni-Blinds are also available, offering a softer appearance and diffusion of light that may be more compatible with certain interior décor. These are also available with a magnetic slider control device, this time positioned on the base rail of the blind, called the S System.

Whichever control system is chosen, however, integral blinds represent an excellent investment for any holiday home. Not only do they contribute to excellent aesthetics, but they are more durable than other shading and privacy options and need almost no cleaning – all these things have a value to boost letting potential or simply to ensure the home is the perfect place to holiday.

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