S system

Slider integral blind control system

The manual S System from Morley Glass & Glazing comprises a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double-glazed unit with a 20mm cavity. The blind movement is transferred from a magnetic device (consisting in a removable handle) positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal glass to the corresponding internal magnet located in the moveable rail.

The interface of the external and internal magnet absorbs possible glass defects and a narrow adhesive transparent profile ensures the linear movement of the slider. The blind can be raised and lowered by moving a slider up or down, and it can be adjusted at any inclination and raised in all directions, making it an ideal system for attic, dormer and skylight applications. any inclination from 0 degrees (horizontal) to 90 degrees (vertical). The blind can be moved in every direction; from right to left and from top to bottom and vice versa.

An effective solution. This high product system is the ideal answer to the question of light and heat regulation in garret/attic environments, providing an easy and lasting solution of shading for roof windows, whatever the angle.

The application of Verosol pleated blind fabrics, coated with an aluminium layer on one side, reduced solar heat gain and improves the U-value, whilst regulating the light passing through. Light transfer down the blind edge is eliminated by the use of special “L” shaped-side guides and the system is also optimised by special “U” shaped spacer bars.

The system is highly modular; the basic model; is installed in a 20mm cavity. The integrated unit can be fitted into the window frame like standard insulating glass and it is also possible to install two blinds within the same unity. The seal integrity and the insulating properties of the double-glazing unit are not compromised, providing protection from dirt or weather conditions.

The system is supplied with warm edge spacer bars as standard and all our systems feature the world’s number one integral blind system ScreenLine®.

The S system is manufactured in accordance with the highest technical specifications and production standards.

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S System main features:

  • Great for conservatories
  • Highly modular system - possible to install two blinds within the same unit.
  • Extremely versatile within simplicity of control
  • An easy and lasting solution for roof window shading
  • Light transfer down the blind edge eliminated by using special ‘L’ shaped-size guides.
  • Can be adjusted to any position and in every direction

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