The biggest advantage of the ScreenLine W Smart solar-powered motorised integral blind from Morley Glass is being able to complete the installation without the need for an electrician, according to feedback from Uni-Blinds installers.

The W Smart can add a ‘wow factor’ to any home thanks to the way the smooth, quiet brushless motor raises and lowers the blind, and – in the case of Venetian blinds – tilts the slats. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged, not by a mains power supply, but through a small solar panel mounted on the external window or door frame.

The Venetian or pleated blind can be encapsulated within a 20, 22, 27 or 29mm cavity double glazed unit making it suitable for virtually any type of window or door. Easy to operate, W Smart is supplied with a small remote control device, as well as a stylish battery module featuring touch keys to move the blind up and down. It can also be controlled using a smartphone app thanks to the development of a new plug-and-play smart hub called ScreenHub.

W Smart solar panel to charge the motorised ScreenLine integral blind

What may be bad news for sparkies is great news for window fitters who are able to complete the job for the customer independently, without the hassle of having to coordinate their work on site with other tradespeople. No hard wiring is needed as is usually the case with motorised blinds of all types, not just integral blinds, and this is the main reason why W Smart installers say they like the product.

Ian Short, MD of Morley Glass said, “W Smart was designed initially as an eco-friendly system which would provide end-users and homeowners with a motorised integral blind without burdening them with additional electricity consumption. And whilst that continues to be a massively appealing benefit of this system, installers and their customers also tell us that they love the fact it can be fitted quickly, so the installation can be done and dusted in a matter of hours.”

ScreenLine W Smart remote control unit

Venetian blind versions of W Smart are available in the latest contemporary colours launched by ScreenLine and exclusively available from Morley Glass. These include black (B160), two cool new greys – agate grey (S120) and slate grey (B158) – and a new dual coloured slat that is anthracite grey on the outside and white inside.

Like all Uni-Blinds integral blind systems, every W Smart unit is made to order by Morley Glass at our Leeds factory. Customers benefit from complimentary delivery and receive their integral blind units within the industry’s shortest turnaround times – orders received by 10am on Thursdays are usually delivered in just 10-12 days.

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