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Our Pleated integral blinds ensure the insulating properties of the double glazing unit are maintained over time, notably protection from dirt and weather conditions. They are particularly suited to structural façades, although there are actually no limits to its application.

Manufactured to the highest standards and specifications, once sealed in the dust-free environment of the glazing cavity they will require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage.

Available in a wide range of colours, you will have no trouble finding a pleated blind that fits your room style and décor. The blinds offer complete privacy and, with the touch of a button, you can cover up dreary grey skies or let the glorious sun shine in.

The benefits of pleated blinds for domestic or commercial use
  • Suitable for all vertical window applications
  • Ideal solution for conservatory shading
  • Only viable option for bi-folding doors
  • Total privacy and light control for folding sliding doors
  • Gives excellent utilisation of partitioned office space
  • Suitable for retro installation into existing frames

A double glazing unit with integrated integral blinds is an excellent screen against solar radiation and offers the possibility to quickly and easily adjust the internal environmental lighting level. Due to the glass transparency, the use of standard double glazing units is often not enough to guarantee correct control of solar energy. An integral blind integrated system filters the light and affects its value by the tilting of the slats (in the case of venetian blinds) or by lowering the blind (in the case of pleated blinds). Temperature and visual comfort are improved according to the various seasons.

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