Pleated blinds

Pleated integral blinds are the number one choice for style conscious home owners

Pleated blinds: a high performance alternative

Our range of stylish pleated blinds are available in the vanity or blackout fabric in a wide range of colour options so they’re able to perfectly complement any interior design.

Allowing a soft diffusion of light, integral pleated blinds are an attractive, elegant blind solution with a number of practical benefits, including their requirement for no cleaning or maintenance. They are safely enclosed in between the double or triple glazed panes of glass within windows, bi-fold doors and conservatories. This allows them to stay in pristine condition for many years to come. They are also perfectly suited to rooms that have condensation or water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Our exclusive contract with Pellini Spa in Italy, manufacturers of the ScreenLine® range of integral blinds, enable us to manufacture pleated Uni-Blinds® in the UK. This means that we can deliver these systems in as little as 5 working days. Our team in the UK has been trained in Italy to manufacture this market leading product to the exacting standards required. We operate from a 50,000 sq ft factory in Leeds (take our virtual tour here) and are true specialists in the manufacture of sealed units with integral blinds inside, confidently supplying other sealed unit manufacturers, as well as window and door fabricators and installers throughout the UK.

Available in a choice of 5 control systems
Our range of Uni-Blind® sealed units with pleated blinds inside are available in a choice of 5 control systems including manual corded and s slider. They are easy to install by experienced door and window fabricators and installers – and can even be retro-fitted into existing doors and windows, simply by replacing the sealed unit and retaining the frame.

Free delivery in just 10-12 working days
All our Uni-Blind® sealed units with integral blinds inside are available with complimentary delivery in just 10-12 working days.

Spares and accessories
We provide unrivalled technical support for Uni-Blinds® customers, being the only UK supplier of integral blinds to have dedicated customer support engineers on the road. We also stock the largest range of ScreenLine® system spare parts in Europe, stocking £1.7 million of ScreenLine® components with most parts supplied within 24 hours.

Innovation comes built-in

Add a splash of colour to your Uni-Blinds

Available in a wide range of colours, you will have no trouble finding a Uni-Blind® that fits your room style and décor.


What is a pleated blind?

Pleated blinds are single-layer fabric or material-based blinds with no air pockets and multiple slats like integral blinds to allow sunlight to enter the room. These blinds are elegant, good looking and cheaper than roller blinds.

How long do pleated blinds last?

On average pleated blinds can last up to seven to eight years. However, if maintained properly, they can last up to 10 years.

What is the difference between pleated and Venetian blinds?

Pleated blinds are single-layer fabric material blinds without any air pocket or multiple horizontal & vertical slats. But, Venetian blinds have multi-air pockets and multiple horizontal layered slats.

How do cordless pleated shades work?

Cordless pleated shades and blinds have a lift-up or a magnetic slider system mechanism placed on the outer surface of the blind, and on the inside and around the blinds, aluminium chords are placed, allowing the slider to raise and lower blinds as per need. One can adjust the blinds at any place as per your requirement.

Do pleated shades insulate?

Yes, pleated shades and blinds are insulated. These blinds are made of an aluminium layer which does not allow outer heat to enter the room and even does not allow the indoor room heat to lose,

Can pleated blinds be blackout?

Buying blackout pleated blinds can be very costly. However, pleated blinds are generally translucent or opaque to allow or block the light. But, if you want to make pleated blinds blackout, you can add a light-blocking layer onto the blind. It is a cheaper way to get blackout pleated blinds.

Do pleated blinds let in light?

If you are using translucent pleated blinds, if not raised, they can still allow some light to enter the room. However, if you are using opaque pleated blinds, if not raised or adjusted, they won't allow the light to enter the room.

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