With the late winter and early spring period being peak period for homeowners preparing their homes for summer, now is the perfect time to promote the benefits of pleated blackout integral blinds.

We have offered a pleated blackout variant for several years now, and every year we see an increase in enquiries and quotes for the system in the first quarter. It enables homeowners to switch a room from light to complete darkness in an instant, even during the strongest sunshine, given its design which means there is no light ‘bleed’ around the edges of the blind or along the cords.

Pleated blackout Uni-Blinds are manufactured by Morley Glass exclusively using ScreenLine integral blind systems, the world’s number one system, and can be fitted into all kinds of new windows and doors as well as for retrofits. They are available in a variety of manual and motorised control systems and customers can choose from eight different colours for the internal face of the high quality blackout fabric.

Pleated blackout integral blind in a casement uPVC window

Importantly, the integral blind units are produced in the industry’s shortest lead times, just 10-12 working days when ordered by 10am on Thursdays, and all UK mainland customers benefit from complimentary delivery. This rapid turnaround means installers can respond to customer requests well ahead of the arrival of the long summer days.

Ian Short, MD of Morley Glass, said: “This year British Summer Time begins on 31st March which many of us will welcome as we can start to enjoy the great outdoors much later into the evening. But for parents of young children whose early bedtime isn’t so compatible with lighter evenings, shift workers who need to sleep during the day, or for those with a cinema room or other space where bright sunshine affects its use, the April to September period comes with its problems.

“That’s where our pleated blackout integral blind can help. It is designed to provide darkness in an instant due to how it blocks light transmission in a way that Venetian blinds and standard vanity blinds won’t. The system has proved really popular since we introduced it to the range, with end-users not only choosing it for children’s bedrooms or nurseries, but also for bedrooms which face out on to busy streets where streetlights and car headlights can be a nuisance through the night.”

The Uni-Blinds pleated blackout integral blind is ideally suited to retrofitting into existing window or door frames because it can be specified for slimmer double glazed units which have a 20mm cavity. This is exclusively available from Morley Glass and makes the system more compatible with many older profile designs.

Find out more about the pleated blackout integral blind system www.morleyglass.co.uk/pleated-blackout-blinds.