Switchable Smart Glass

Privacy and shading at the flick of a switch

What if you could make your room private and shaded simply by flicking a switch or one tap of your smartphone, with no need for blinds or curtains? Well, with Uni-Switch® switchable smart glass, that’s exactly what you can do.

No other glazing solution can deliver instant privacy and shading in a glass window, door or partition like switchable smart glass. This technologically advanced, sophisticated product is ideal for all kinds of applications, offering a superb alternative to blinds because it gives you the ability to change clear glass to opaque as easily as switching off a light.

switchable glass
switchable glass

Electrifying appeal
Uni-Switch® switchable smart glass works using electricity. An ultra-thin film is applied to high quality glass which reacts when a low voltage electrical current is passed through it. This simple process switches from ‘off’ when the glass is opaque, to ‘on’, instantly making the opaque glass transparent. And when you need privacy and shading once again, all you have to do is switch it off.
It is a smart choice that means you don’t have to compromise on glass clarity. One of the biggest advantages of Uni-Switch® versus other switchable glass products is the quality of the film used in its manufacture. In addition, Morley Glass uses only low-iron glass to manufacture Uni-Switch® which further enhances clarity.

This combination maximises transparency to deliver optimum visual appeal, and it offers the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics in single pane glazing and double or triple glazed units – and it is suitable for use in internal or external windows.

Smart technology on every level
Switchable smart glass adds a ‘wow’ factor to any glazing element, but the instancy of the change from opaque to clear is only one of the reasons why we call it ‘smart’. With Uni-Switch® switchable smart glass from Morley Glass, you also have the ability to control it using your smart phone, as well as online, and it can be configured to be dimmable too. Fault-reporting is also automated and immediate, with a built-in SIM card ensuring any issues are easily identified should they arise for a quick resolution.

Uni-Switch® smart glass can be used with ease in bi-folding doors, which may not be the case with other switchable glass systems. This is because Uni-Switch® is a low-voltage solution – it requires an electricity supply of just 40 Volts, rather than 110 Volts that is more commonly needed with switchable glass.

switchable class

Create unique patterns and integrate branding

The film used for Uni-Switch® can be designed in a number of ways to offer amazing creative potential. As standard, the glass on a single pane of glass will switch from opaque to clear in one complete action, but that’s only the start of the possibilities.

Uni-Switch® can be configured so only a portion of the glass changes state, or a design can be applied for lines or patterns appear when the glass is switched. This also means the switchable glass used in commercial and public buildings can be designed to display a logo or message.

Low energy consumption
One of the great things about Uni-Switch® is just how little electricity it uses. With a power consumption of just 5 Watts per square metre, installing switchable smart glass from Morley Glass will have a very negligible impact on the property’s total energy use.

Easy to install
Uni-Switch® smart glass is almost as simple to fit as standard glass. The only additional requirement is to ensure the wiring connections are made available for an electrician to connect the necessary electricity feed – usually a very straightforward task.

Super-quick 15-day turnaround on orders
There are no long waits for Uni-Switch® switchable smart glass. Morley Glass offers the industry’s quickest turnaround time of just 15 days from order confirmation – that’s a fraction of the lead times you would typically expect for this type of glass. And as with all shading and privacy solutions manufactured by Morley Glass, fast service does not mean compromised quality – in fact, we have amongst the most stringent quality control procedures in the UK glazing industry.

The range of applications suitable for switchable smart glass is extensive and includes:

Switchable smart glass is the perfect alternative to window blinds or curtains. But it can be used in numerous other areas in the home, including skylights and screens, sliding doors and bi-fold doors, bathrooms and showers, walk-on glass panels, sliding roofs and doors.

A wide variety of commercial applications can benefit from switchable smart glass including office and meeting room partitions and doors (including bi-fold and sliding doors), shop front screens, projection screens, balustrades, façades, canopies and showrooms. The rear surface also allows for highly effective projection onto the glass in its opaque state making it ideal for presentations.

Hospitality and leisure
Bathroom screens and partitions, business centres, meeting rooms, leisure centres, aquariums, restaurant and bar screens and partitions, toilets, changing rooms, swimming pools, saunas and wetrooms can all utilise switchable smart glass.

Instant privacy can be provided by switchable smart glass in kiosks, cashier and counter screens, prisons and rehabilitation centres, anti-theft barriers, airport screening areas, bulletproof screens and partitions, jewellers and vehicles.

The product is ideal for hospitals and clinics and all other environments which require antimicrobial elements, such as ICUs, X-ray screens, surgeries, portable privacy partitions and barriers.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant privacy and shading at the flick of a switch
  • Smart, sophistication with clean sightlines
  • Highly transparent with the lowest angle haze
  • Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Clean sightlines with no externally mounted elements
  • Clean sightlines with no externally mounted elements
  • Very low operational and maintenance costs
  • Allows maximum use of space inside the room
  • Suitable for a wide variety of shapes
  • Provides an acoustic and sound barrier (≥39dB)
  • BSI (British Standard Institute) tested and certified

Technical Specifications:

  • Light transmission: > 78%
  • Haze (blurriness): < 5%
  • View angle: 150°
  • Acoustic properties: > 38dB (Subject to requirement)
  • Maximum sizes: 1840mm x 4200mm
  • Thickness range: 10mm – 60mm (e.g. double/triple glazing)
  • Glass types: Low-iron anti-reflective, fire rated, security glass
  • Colours / shades: 12 different colours and shades
  • Shapes: Any shape for framed and frameless applications
  • Running voltage: 30 – 90 VAC
  • Power consumption: 5 Watts/m2
  • On/off switching phase: Instantaneous
  • UV resistant and water resistant 3rd generation NPRLC film
switchable privacy glass
switchable privacy glass
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