According to a 2023 survey by John Lewis (Source: The Mirror 13.06.2023), just over half (51%) of people in the UK say the summer is their favourite season. But when it does finally arrive, many of us realise that our homes are not necessarily very well equipped to deal with the sunshine and heat.

Unlike hotter countries where homes are built to withstand the effects of constant warmth and strong sunlight, British and Irish properties are constructed to accommodate a year-round temperate climate – and that makes them more susceptible to hot and cold extremes.

One of the ways we can make our homes more comfortable in the summer is to utilise the latest technology in our windows and doors – either when we are renovating or extending the property. In particular, the double and triple glazed units that are installed into most windows and doors today can be made using advanced heat-reflective or ‘solar control’ glass and incorporate integral blinds within the cavity.

Realising the benefits of solar control glass

Integral blinds with solar control glass to reduce summer overheating and glare.

Anyone who has been in a greenhouse on a sunny day will know just how well standard glass enables heat to transmit through and retain it within a confined space. Our homes respond in a similar way where we have rooms with large areas of glazing on elevations where there is prolonged sunshine. The result is that rooms can warm up to an uncomfortable level and take a long time to cool down.

Fortunately, glass technology has advanced significantly in recent decades which means we can now address this issue with dramatic improvements possible. This takes the form of solar control glass, which is ultra-clear glass with a microscopically-thin coating applied to it. This acts as a reflector of heat without a noticeable impact on the window’s overall clarity.

Morley Glass offers some of the world’s most respected solar control glass products from Saint-Gobain which can be specified for any Uni-Blinds integral blind unit. Two options are available – COOL-LITE SKN 176 II and COOL-LITE SKN 183.

Both offer outstanding solar control performance with the additional benefit of being super-insulating to help our homes retain the heat during winter to cut heating costs. The right type for your property will depend on budget and whether you want the highest possible levels of light transmission, which is provided by SKN 183.

Reduce annoying glare in your rooms

ScreenLine integral blinds in a bi-fold door.

Strong sunshine in our rooms can be a nuisance when it makes spaces excessively bright. When sunlight is extreme, the glare can make it feel like we need to wear our sunglasses when indoors. And at the very least, it can make everyday activities such as watching the TV or viewing our laptop screens difficult.

Traditional curtains or blinds may provide the solution, but they can have the opposite effect and make rooms depressingly gloomy – going from one extreme to another – and they are impractical when you may want to keep windows and doors open to let air flow through the home. Drawing a curtain across an open window or door, for example, will usually mean having to put up with them flapping around as the wind blows!

This is not a problem when you have a blind integrated within the glass unit – an integral blind. Morley Glass are specialist manufacturers of this type of blind which is permanently sealed within the glass unit so it will never need cleaning or become damaged easily. Available as a Venetian or pleated blind, integral blinds provide an effective way to reduce the intensity of light so there is far less glare inside a room. There is even a pleated blackout option available from Morley Glass to minimise the infiltration of sunlight.

Choosing the ideal summer-ready specification 

Uni-Blinds integral blinds work well in both traditional and contemporary properties and they can be fitted into all kinds of windows and doors, including French doors, bi-folds, sliding doors, vertically sliding sash windows and standard casement windows. And one of the most recent additions to the Uni-Blinds range is an integral blind that can be fitted into flat glass rooflights.

Black, anthracite and agate grey Venetian blinds are perfectly suited to contemporary grey and black windows and doors frames, but white and sliver slats are hugely popular too. What this means ultimately is that there is an integral blind solution for every home.

With the Uni-Blinds range, there are five different control systems available including a manual corded system and the biggest-selling system, the SV Sliding Venetian which is operated using a cordless magnetic slider.

But for those seeking the ultimate in climate and comfort control inside the home, the smart-home compatible motorised MB System is the solution. This can be integrated with all major home automation systems, including Loxone, offering the opportunity for the integral blinds to open and close automatically as changes in the room conditions are detected.

Regardless of which operating system is selected, however, the double or triple glazed unit can be combined with either COOL-LITE SKN 176 II and COOL-LITE SKN 183 to achieve the optimum solution to cope with the summer. And there are no long lead times to stand in the way of making improvements – all Uni-Blinds are made to order and supplied with complimentary delivery in as little as 10-12 working days.

Find out more about Uni-Blinds integral blinds here.