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Operate your integral blinds with ease, 1 concept & 5 control systems

How are integral blinds operated? There are 5 different control options available and it is really down to your preference as to the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Our Uni-Blind® sealed units with ScreenLine® integral blinds inside are available in a choice of Venetian or pleated styles, and can be operated manually or electronically.

Manual control
Our manually operated blinds offer the choice of a cord, rotational knob or wand (C System), a cordless slider (SV System) or a magnetic slider (S System). They are all easy to operate and allow the blinds to be raised, lowered and, in the case of Venetian blinds, tilted effortlessly. The operating mechanisms are stylish and unobtrusive and are manufactured to the highest standard for long term performance and ease of use.

Motorised integral blinds
For the discerning homeowner who prefers the speed and synchronicity of an automated home, our MB System Venetian blinds can be connected to mains motors for easy operation at the flick of a wall-mounted switch or by remote control. Motorised blinds can be operated individually, or you can synchronise the movements of groups of up to 12 blinds for simultaneous raising and lowering.

We’ve also developed a unique control box for motorised blinds, which eliminates installation issues and provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for control at your fingertips. They are pre-wired and tested making it a faster, hassle-free installation.

Integration with home automation systems is also possible with our SmartMotion interface.

Eco-friendly option
For the eco-friendly homeowner, our W Smart system is a battery-operated motorised Venetian blind, equipped with an external energy saving solar panel that recharges the batteries.

1 concept 5 control solutions

C system - manual control

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The manually operated SL20-22C System raises, tilts and lowers the blinds using a patented magnetic device that is attached to the glass by means of high-resistance adhesive tape. It features a cord loop and a magnet that is perfectly interfaced with the magnetic joint of the internal drive, which is completely housed inside the head rail. The cord is kept under tension by means of a special cord tensioner applied to the glass. This magnet principle does not compromise the unit seal and guarantees the integrity of the double-glazing unit. The C system is available with Venetian or pleated blinds.


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The quiet brushless motor raises, lowers and tilts the integral Venetian blinds at the push of a wall-mounted button or remote control. Manufactured from high quality materials, coupled with the purity of aesthetic appearance and technical excellence, the fully automated system is particularly suited to prestigious projects, especially the exclusive contemporary domestic market.

It allows for the simultaneous and synchronised operation of up to 12 blinds and can also be incorporated into home automation systems.

sv SYSTEM - cordless slider

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The SL20SV system is a manually operated sliding Venetian blind system which features a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider to control the whole operation. Positioned on a narrow slide guide on the edge of the sealed unit, the cordless magnetic slider allows the blind to be raised, lowered and tilted with ease, completely cord free.


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The SL20-22S is a manual integral blind system comprising a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double-glazed unit with a 20mm or 22mm cavity. The blind movement is achieved by a magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal pane sliding across the glass surface. This external magnet interfaces with a similar internal magnet located in the movable headrail to absorb possible glass deflections. The pleated blind can be adjusted at any inclination and raised in all directions, making it an ideal system for attic, dormer and skylight applications.

Sv+ SYSTEM - Symmetrical Slider

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The SV+ symmetrical cordless slider integral blind system from Morley Glass & Glazing is perfect for windows and doors which need solar shading and privacy while keeping things in symmetry.

Beauty is often defined by symmetry. The balance between left and right can have magnetic appeal, striking an emotional response like no other, giving us a positive feeling of harmony, calm and that everything is just right.

PLeated Blackout - Darkness on Demand

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The Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout system is encapsulated completely within the double glazed unit. It prevents light transmission through an advanced blind fabric, as well as light ‘bleed’ around the edges and cords. The fabric has a high thermal resistance too which means it will help to keep a room cool in summer months.


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SL16 is ideal for use in composite doors and vertical sliding windows due to its slimline 10mm slats, making it the first integrated blind system that is suitable for use in a 16mm cavity. The range includes the slider controlled SL16S Venetian, as well as the SL16C Venetian with cord control.

w smart system - solar control

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The SL20-22W-Smart system is a battery operated, motorised integral blind. With this system, a Venetian blind encapsulated within a double-glazed unit can be raised, tilted or lowered via a control device attached to the window or by remote control. The system operates with standard, long-life rechargeable batteries and is equipped with a cleverly designed external energy saving solar panel.

The system can be fitted quickly and easily and can be applied to all types of window frames, even existing ones. No wires or electrical contacts are required, and internal glass thickness is irrelevant. It is equally suitable for residential and commercial environments as it needs no maintenance.

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