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Choose from our range of manual or fully automated integral blind control systems

So how are they actually operated? There are several different control options available and it is really down to your preference. Venetian blinds can also be operated by a rotational cord winder attached at the top of the room-facing pane of the double glazed unit, a small pole attached at the top to the room-facing pane of the double glazed unit or by a ‘wand’ which is twisted to open and close the blind. We also have fully automated and motorised options with remote control units to choose from.

C system – magnetic control

All our systems feature the world’s number one integral blind system ScreenLine®. The C system, designed with the rotational, frontal, magnetic control for raising and tilting a blind integrated within a double-glazed unit, utilises the force produced by two coupled, rotational, magnetic devices. One set of magnets is inserted in the blind head rail within the cavity and the other applied to the external glass surface. This magnet principle does not compromise the unit seal and guarantees the perfect integrity of the double-glazing unit.

SV system – Cordless slider

The ScreenLine® SL20SV system is a manually operated sliding Venetian blind which features a single, cleverly designed magnetic slider to control the whole operation. Positioned on a narrow slide guide on the edge of the sealed unit, this allows the blind to be raised, lowered and tilted with ease completely cord free.

S system – Slider

The ScreenLine® SL20S is a manual system comprising a 14mm pleated blind integrated within a double-glazed unit with 20mm cavity. The blind movement is achieved by a magnetic device positioned centrally on the outer surface of the internal pane sliding across the glass surface. This external magnet interfaces with a similar internal magnet located in the movable rail and it is so designed to absorb possible glass deflections.

W swipe system – Solar powered

The W-Swipe system with ScreenLine® inside is a battery operated, motorised blind system. With this system, a Venetian or pleated blind encapsulated within a double-glazed unit can be raised or lowered via a control device attached to the window or by remote control. The system operates with standard, long-life rechargeable batteries and is equipped with a cleverly designed battery charger, which makes the system particularly suitable for residential and commercial environments.

MB system – motorised brushless

The addition of a brushless motor is a significant improvement on previous electrical systems used for raising/lowering and tilting integral blinds. Manufactured from high quality materials, coupled with the purity of aesthetic appearance and technical excellence, the system is particularly suited to prestigious projects, especially the exclusive contemporary domestic market.

Control at your fingertips

For the discerning homeowner who prefers the speed and synchronicity of an automated home, Uni-Blinds can be connected to mains motors for easy operation at the flick of a switch or by remote control.

We’ve developed a unique control box for motorised blinds which eliminates installation issues and provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for control at your fingertips. All pre-wired and tested making it a faster, hassle free installation. Integration with home automation systems is also possible.

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