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Maximise energy efficiency with superior SGG Planitherm and Cool-lite double glazed energy saving glass

The difference is clear. Using planitherm® or cool-lite® energy saving glass offers the ultimate thermal performance without any detriment to the clarity of the glass.

The thermal insulation provided by low-E double glazing is three times more efficient than that of standard double glazing, meaning less energy is needed to heat the home. PLANITHERM & COOL-LITE products are designed to exceed standard energy efficiency requirements, helping you save money every day. We offer a range of products so we can tailor your energy efficient glazing solution to your home.

Today’s advanced glass products play a crucial role in delivering energy efficient homes, schools, public and commercial buildings. And all our thermally insulating sealed units use the very best performance glass available.

Whether you need double or triple glazed units, our energy saving glass products represent the highest performing solution to achieve A and A+ Window Energy Ratings (WERs) for your windows, or ultra-low U-values required for Passivhaus and super-insulated building envelopes. All this without compromising light transmittance, the clarity of the glass or affecting the glass colour.

Benefits of energy efficient SGG Planitherm

  • Furniture fade protection - Keep your furniture looking newer for longer. Prolonged exposure to ultra-violet light from the sun will contribute to your furniture and curtains fading over time. Our hidden layer of protection on Comfort and Comfort Plus glass blocks out 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Think of it as sun-block for your sofa, curtains and carpets!
  • Enhanced security - Help protect your family from break-ins and vandalism. Our high-security transparent layer on Comfort and Comfort Plus glass makes them much tougher to break through than standard, unlaminated glass. Used in an approved window frame, our float glass designed to meet the official police security initiative ‘Secured by Design’ standard, so you’ll feel safer and more secure in your home.
  • Reduce overheating - Perfect balance of light and warmth. Rooms with lots of glass will give you a great view, but the warmth from natural daylight can make it uncomfortably hot on sunny days. Our Comfort Plus glass has a special coating designed to keep out heat from the sun’s rays, for a comfortable, bright environment and greater control of your internal temperature. It's particularly suited to south- and west-facing rooms with sunny aspects, or larger glazed areas such as bi-fold and patio doors.
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Explore the Planitherm range

The Planitherm range provides a solution for every property, with a superb option that’s perfect for most homes plus enhanced glass products that are specifically designed to maximise thermal insulation and solar control:

Planitherm Total+ - the UK’s most popular energy efficient glass

Planitherm One
– perfect for when you want the ultimate in thermal insulation in your windows and doors

Integral Blinds
Integral Blinds
Integral Blinds

Benefits of energy saving SGG COOL-LITE

The glazing performance of a building can have a significant impact on its aesthetics and energy consumption. Solar control, light transmission, acoustics, aesthetics and thermal insulation are all key factors in specifying the correct glazing.

The SGG COOL-LITE® range can significantly contribute to providing a building where comfort is a primary design feature. Our product range includes COOL-LITE SKN 176 II and COOL-LITE SKN 183 and is designed to be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Our product range includes COOL-LITE SKN 176 II and COOL-LITE SKN 183 and is designed to be used in both residential and commercial applications.

With a key focus on comfort, high light transmittance maximises natural daylighting, and reduces the need for artificial lighting. The low solar heat gain properties helps to reduce internal overheating, and subsequently reduce associated air-conditioning requirements.

• Light transmittance values of up to 75%
• Solar heat gains as low as 0.21
• Centre-pane U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K (with a 16mm, 90% Argon Cavity)
• Available with acoustic laminated glass types or superior acoustic performance
• All products manufactured and CE marked in accordance with EN 1096-4, with solar and thermal performance of glazing constructions according to EN 410 and EN 673.

Integral Blinds
Integral Blinds

Energy saving glass applications

Domestic applications:
Windows and Skylights, Bi-fold doors, Sliding patio doors, French doors and other External doors, Conservatories, Orangeries and Sunrooms

Commercial applications:
Façades / Windows, Curtain walling, Structural glazing, Overhead glazing

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Integral Blinds
Integral Blinds
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