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Cool-Lite SKN 176 II, outstanding solar control with excellent neutrality in high end residential or commercial projects

The level of solar control provided by that COOL-LITE SKN 176 II means that buildings can be designed without external solar shading devices.

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Combining high performance solar control with excellent neutrality, COOL-LITE SKN 176 II is ideal for applications requiring high light transmittance combined with a low g-value.

COOL-LITE SKN 176 II features a high performance coating, which is applied to Planiclear float glass by cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions.

This coating is designed to enable solar gain to be managed, in order to prevent overheating inside individual rooms on sunny days, whilst providing excellent thermal insulation in colder periods. All this without affecting the sealed unit’s neutrality!

Such is the effectiveness of this coating, that double glazed units manufactured with COOL-LITE SKN 176 II offer:

• High light transmission 70%
• Low g-value of 0.37
• Excellent U-Value of 1.0W/m2K
• The highest degree of neutrality

COOL-LITE SKN 176 II - optimal performance 

Active, sustainable solar shading
COOL-LITE SKN 176 II helps to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning.

This enables property owners to reduce energy consumption and, hence, their CO2 emissions, with the glazing playing an active role in managing energy usage throughout the duration of the building’s lifespan.

The level of solar control provided by that COOL-LITE SKN 176 II means that buildings can even be designed without external solar shading devices. This can allow a different approach to building design and aesthetics.

Neutral appearance
The special microscopic coating applied to COOL-LITE SKN 176 II allows for clarity and neutrality, with no unwelcome tint which can detract from a building’s looks. It is designed to optimise light transmittance too, reduces the requirement for interior lighting during daylight hours – this helps reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions even further.

COOL-LITE SKN 176 II is for use in residential or commercial buildings, either for façades or overhead glazing. The 4mm option is perfect for use in high end residential and low end commercial applications, providing extended functionality and design flexibility whilst retaining excellent neutral aesthetics.

Quick Facts

  • Proven high performance solar control glass, used extensively across Europe
  • Creates sustainable homes and buildings by reducing the need for air conditioning
  • Excellent neutrality with high light transmission of 70%
energy saving glass
energy saving glass

Technical Specifications

Performance Data


Internal Pane


External Pane


Composition in mm


Coating Position

Face 2

Light Transmission


Light Reflectance






Shading Coefficient


U-valua in W/m2K** - Air


90% Argon


SGG COOLLITE SKN 176 II meets the durability requirements of class C or European standards EN 1096-1 and -2.

* Light and solar performance according to EN 410.

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Specialist COOL-LITE SKN 176 II, manufactured to the highest standards

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