When most people think of integral blinds they will often quite rightfully picture a conservatory or an external door or window that could benefit from the increased solar control, privacy and shading offered by such a system. And yet, the added benefits of using integral blinds internally have long been enjoyed by those working in commercial buildings, where they can be used to great effect to create private environments, such as signifying that an office is occupied or the user is presently unavailable. You will also see integral blinds in use in secure units, hospitals, care homes, laboratories and other types of special use buildings.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that integral blinds are the ideal solution for a number of domestic settings. Yes, integral blinds offer unrivalled solar protection and heat retention, but because of their simple to use design and low maintenance needs, the product has also been finding uses in a number of new and inventive places around the home, and it’s been great to see their versatility being fully embraced. By giving homeowners the option to either open up their spaces to allow light to flow through or being closed to provide privacy, integral blinds are making many rooms inside the home multi-functional.

For example, the new trend among renovating homeowners of galleried areas and internal glazing as a focal point of the home is resulting in the inclusion of integral blinds in these areas.  They provide privacy and separate spaces accordingly, as well as provide shade when needed. Other areas inside the home that can be enhanced by integral blinds include doors for study areas and home offices.

And because integral blinds systems from Morley Glass come with the option of British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) approved cords, magnets or sliders they are perfectly safe for use in play rooms, children’s bedrooms and nurseries, giving parents the option of total transparency for peace of mind or complete closure for a peaceful sleeping environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how integral blinds could help you make the most of your internal space as well as your external windows and doors, get in touch with the team at Morley Glass & Glazing today.