A virtually neutral roof glass with high performance solar control coating and low-maintenance self-cleaning.

  • Very neutral appearance, enabling you to balance your conservatory glass with your home’s existing glazing
  • Maximises natural light, creating a fresh feel for your conservatory and the adjoining rooms
  • Reflects up to 71% of the sun’s heat, reducing the need for costly air conditioning and blinds that will obscure your view
  • Solar control coating reduces uncomfortable glare by over 60%
  • Reduces the bleaching effect of the sun by blocking 87% of the sun’s UV rays, prolonging the life of your conservatory furniture and soft furnishings
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning
  • Ongoing cost savings – lower air conditioning and cleaning bills
  • Reduced impact noise of precipitation compared to polycarbonate roof panels

Conservatory roof glass is available in four attractive tints
all with built in self cleaning glass technology