As integral blinds experts, we often receive questions from consumers who want to know more about the benefits integral blinds could have to their home, and we know a lot of installers are too. So, we’ve put together a quick Q&A on integral blinds that we hope will help more people make an informed choice of what is best for their double-glazed units, bi-folding door or wherever else they’re thinking of installing Uni-Blind sealed units with ScreenLine integral blinds inside.

What are integral blinds?

Integral blinds feature Venetian or pleated blinds installed between the two panes of glass that make up a double-glazed unit. All our Uni-Blind sealed units with ScreenLine integral blinds inside give users the ultimate in protection from solar glare and the bleaching effect of the sun while also staying clean and free from dust.

Do integral blinds work with any window or door?

Because ScreenLine integral blind systems can be operated electronically or manually, they can be installed into almost any type of window or door, be it inward or outward opening, sliding or bi folding. If you’re unsure of the suitability of your double-glazed unit or bi-folding door, contact your installer for more information.

Are integral blinds expensive?

Although they will generally be more expensive than most wooden or fabric blinds, the myriad of benefits offered by a Uni-Blind sealed unit with integral blinds inside mean the long-term benefits are worth the investment.

Benefits of integral blinds include the ability to last as long as your double-glazed unit or bi-folding door without needing to be replaced, and a long list of additional features exclusive only to integral blinds, such as solar control and improved thermal performance.

Cord or cordless? Manual or automatic?

When it comes to integral blinds, you’re really only limited as far as your taste allows. Manual systems feature a securely attached cord fitted to a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass. However, for those who don’t want their double-glazed units or bi-folding door impeded by cords, discreet magnetic sliders are another option.  All our blind systems comply with the “make it safe campaign “

Plus, with the growth of home automation systems, some manufacturers such as Morley Glass & Glazing can integrate the automation of integral blind operation within home automation systems, using pre-wired control boxes, and making for a smooth problem-free installation.

Can you fit retrospectively and into frames of different materials?

ScreenLine blinds for bifold doors are most often fitted inside new windows and they can be retro-fitted into existing internal and external doors by simply replacing the sealed unit.  They can also be fitted into frames of all materials, including PVCu, timber and aluminium, as well as curtain walling.

What glass options are available?

In the home or workplace, there is no better option than our Uni-Blind sealed units created using the SGG PLANITHERM range of energy efficient low-e glass. They can also be fitted inside specialist solar control, fire-safety, noise control and toughened glass types, depending on the comfort needs of the end-user.

How big/small can the windows with integral blinds inside be?

While in the past integral blinds were only suitable for double-glazed units and bi folding door with a frame that was no thinner than 28mm, this is no longer the case. In fact, thanks to its slimline 10mm slats, Morley Glass and Glazing’s new SL16 integral blind system is the first of its kind that is suitable for use in cavities as small as 16mm. The maximum size of a Uni-Blind sealed unit with integral blinds inside is 2500mm (w) x 2500mm (h). The minimum size is 450mm x 300mm.

How do I choose the right integral blind system for me?

It really comes down to personal preference and what you are hoping to achieve. Things to consider include where the blind is being fitted, which direction the room faces, how you want to operate the blind, and which style and colour you prefer.

Specialising in the manufacture of sealed units with integral blinds, and offering an industry-beating lead time of 10 days, coupled with free mainland UK delivery when it comes to ensuring a high quality finished product Morley Glass and Glazing is the expert you can trust. We hope this blog has been helpful in answering any questions you or your customers may have about the installation and benefits of a ScreenLine integral blinds system.