We are starting 2022 on a high after successfully fighting back against unprecedented supply chain issues to bring back our industry-topping 10-12 day lead times on our full range of integrated blinds.

The Morley Glass team has worked hard to get back to business as usual despite a challenging 2021 caused by an unprecedented combination of supply problems. These included the impact of a tornado flattening the ScreenLine blind systems factory in the Czech Republic back in June, the well-publicised UK glass shortages and a whole host of Covid-related challenges.

Working closely with our key supply chain partners, ScreenLine integral blind manufacturer Pellini and Saint-Gobain Glass, we have been able to secure significantly increased volumes of blind systems and glass in recent weeks to enable the production of Uni-Blinds to recover well ahead of schedule.

It means that all orders for Uni-Blinds will now be delivered in 10-12 working days when ordered by 12.00pm on any Thursday, a turnaround that our customers had come to rely on and one that few other suppliers of between-glass blinds can match.

In addition to restoring the supply chain, Morley Glass has also just taken delivery of three new vans and ordered a further eight vehicles due for arrival during 2022. This larger fleet will help keep customer deliveries on track as production capacity increases following our investment of £750,000 in another sealed unit manufacturing line, a move which will enable Morley Glass’ output to grow to 6,000 integral blind units every week.

These investments will help ensure that Morley Glass stays ahead of curve as demand for Uni-Blinds increases, enabling us to maintain our commitment to the industry’s shortest lead times backed with complimentary nationwide delivery on all orders.

Ian Short, managing director of Morley Glass, said: “We’re over the moon to be back to where we want to be in terms of our service. It means that installers no longer need to settle for second choice integrated blind suppliers on time-sensitive jobs as our Uni-Blinds can now be supplied in the shortest lead times in the industry!

“There is no denying that we’ve found the last six months a very challenging as we’ve had to work around some very difficult circumstances outside our control. With the high standards we set ourselves we always aim to resolve any supply issues that do arise as quickly as possible, and during these difficult recent months the whole Morley Glass team has pulled together fantastically to get us back on track!”