Meeting the shading and privacy requirements of healthcare environments means using products and systems that prioritise hygiene, longevity and ease of use, without compromising visual appeal.

That’s why Uni-Blinds® integral blinds from Morley Glass – and specifically the ScreenView® system – tick all the boxes. They bring new form and function to the glazing in hospital environments, medical schools, health centres, private practices and social care buildings to give staff and patients spaces that look and feel appropriate – and they can incorporate fire rated glass if required.

Integral blinds are permanently sealed within a double glazed unit. This means they can never attract dirt and stay in pristine condition throughout the lifespan of the door, window or glass partition in which they are fitted.

ScreenView integral blinds for hospitals

Venetian and pleated integral blind styles are available in a great choice of colours, all manufactured in the UK by Morley Glass exclusively using world-renowned ScreenLine® integral blind systems from Pellini S.p.A.

But it is the latest innovation from Morley Glass that is really sparking the imagination of specifiers and healthcare estates managers. Called ScreenView®, this integral blind has been designed with health and social care environments in mind.

It balances the need for patient privacy and observation very well because of a design that allows for really easy switching between the two at different times of the day. Unlike any of the other Venetian or pleated blinds in the Uni-Blinds range, ScreenView® uses two layers of wide slats, arranged in a ladder style, which move up and down to provide an open view for observation or complete closure.

ScreenView® is perfect for door vision panels and other windows that separate communal or public areas from private spaces such as treatment facilities, consultation rooms, operating theatres and patient rooms. And it can be specified as a fire rated unit too, with assured performance of 30, 60 or 120 minutes, depending on the building requirements.

It is all-round winning solution which, unlike vision panel flaps and externally mounted blinds, is not easily damaged and requires no cleaning or maintenance, other than routine cleaning of the blind’s control knob. This is also protected with a Sanitized® antimicrobial coating to help with infection control.

See ScreenView® for yourself at the 2022 Healthcare Estates exhibition, 4-5 October at Manchester Central, along with the full range of award-winning Uni-Blinds® integral blind systems.