The students of Longroyde Primary School in West Yorkshire have been busy creating and cultivating green spaces as part of their ‘Easter Garden Project’, thanks to a £500 donation from our GreenVision fund.

Before and after image
The garden before (L) and after (R)


Children have planned the garden and spent weeks digging out weeds, filling beds with compost and planting seeds. They have also thought of the other creatures that may enjoy the space: building pea and sunflower wigwams and a bug hotel.

Image of students
Students have been working hard on the project


Leanne Geddes from Longroyde School said: “A big thank you for your kind donation. Gardening has proved so popular that we are going to be running an after-school gardening club after the Easter holidays.”
GreenVision will be making a second donation to Longroyde School, enabling them to buy a mini greenhouse, more planters, larger established plants, log seating and create a mindfulness area.

The CRUSH cullet return scheme, which finances our GreenVision fund, saw 52 bags/37.28 tonnes of post-consumer glass returned to be recycled in March 2021. This provided us with £1834.18 to support green initiatives. It also;
• Reduced CO2 emissions at Saint-Gobain Glass’ float glass plant at Eggborough by 11184kg
• Preserved 31688kg of raw virgin sand
• Saved enough energy to power an average home for 18.6 years!

If you have a sustainable project that requires funding, please submit your application to

About GreenVision
The GreenVision Fund is available as a result of Morley Glass & Glazing’s glass recycling scheme it operates in conjunction with Saint-Gobain Glass. Morley encourages its customers to return glass from old windows and doors (post-consumer glass), which it then crushes and returns to Saint-Gobain Glass, who use it to manufacture new float glass. The money Morley Glass receives for the cullet creates the GreenVision Fund. Donations of £500 each are available to sustainable projects, charities and community groups.