After lockdown (and perhaps the new series of Grand Designs) everyone is getting more creative and responsive to their home environment; whether it is now also a place of work or remains a place of respite. There is not a street to be seen without a new scaffold or wide-open windows to air out a newly painted wall. With any project there are rules and regulations to be followed, restrictions on size and perhaps even style. However, there is one thing the consumer can have almost complete control over, and that is colour. But why is colour so important?

A world of colour
Although perhaps taken for granted, colour is all around. It is how most of us perceive and process the world. We can receive all sorts of messages from the colour of something; whether it is friend or foe, hot or cold and perhaps even dead or alive (Is the cactus still going? Is my banana bread cooked?) and while we receive all these messages, we also portray them. Colour is used deliberately by people to signal something of themselves, whether that be in their choice of car, clothing or indeed their property.

Colour is a powerful tool allowing people to tailor their homes to reflect their style or even influence their mood. Colour can set the genre of a room – Artists such as Mark Rothko have used colour on its own, without detail, to portray the entire context of their work. We can see evidence of this contextualising at, say, the dentist, where surgeries are painted muted blues, greens or whites to project a calm and clean atmosphere – no need to panic.

‘Blinded’ by choice
Uni-Blind sealed units with ScreenLine blinds inside from Morley Glass are available in a wide variety of colours across the ranges in order to give the customer plenty of choices to influence their environment. Our Venetian blinds come in 10 different colours, including our exclusive Anthracite grey which perfectly matches aluminium door and window frames. Each colour choice allows for differing levels of solar reflection, light reflection and solar absorption. These figures can be seen using our blind preview tool.

Colour swatches
Colour swatches for Venetian UniBlinds

Our range of pleated blinds allow a soft diffusion of light through 16 different shades and the pleated blackout blinds come in a choice of 16 opaque shades, from understated neutrals to vibrant feature colours. Whether the customer wishes to make a real statement or harmonise their space, there is an option for every eye.

“Choice strengthens all” – Neal Prescott (Director, RSK Group)
Offering such a great choice of colour enhances the experience of the end-user, delivering a bespoke design experience as well as complete satisfaction with quality, safe and low maintenance integral blinds. To see the full choice of colours across our ranges, visit our ‘Available Colours’ page or request our catalogue.