Now with the quietest ever motor and plug-in diagnostics to speedily resolve any operational issues with ease, the MB-System motorised Uni-Blind® system from Morley Glass offers fabricators and installers the ultimate addition to any window or door.

The MB-System Uni-Blind now features a brushless motor which means the blind operation is much quieter than previous generations, with reliability far superior to previous versions. The motor has been put through its paces at the internationally renowned IFT Rosenheim institute in Germany, surpassing in excess of 60,000 cycles without any reliability issues.

The new motors can also be set to operate at a specific speed – this means a customer with a set of bi-folding doors, for example, will experience consistency across the opening span as the blinds will raise and lower in perfect synchronicity

Morley Glass MD Ian Short said: “We’re continuously looking at ways to enhance our product range, and the new brushless motor for our MB-System is a great example of how improvements in technology deliver genuine benefits for installers and homeowners. It’s vital that installers have the confidence in the Uni-Blind’s reliability and the certainty of knowing that their integral blinds will perform as expected – equally important though is assurance that resolving any issues is as hassle-free as possible.”

This latest innovation adds a further benefit to the MB-System which already has the advantage of being supplied with a pre-wired control box for easy installation – this means only a single wire from the blinds to the box needs wiring, avoiding any complicated electrical installation.

Quiet electric integral blinds

Motorised Uni-Blinds from Morley Glass installed in bi-fold doors, clearly showing the perfect synchronicity of the blinds at the same level across the doorset. Showcasing our exclusive S159 ( RAL 7016 ) blind colour.

The Uni-Blind MB-System is available in the whole range of Venetian colours as well as the pleated range of colours, with a 14mm pleated blind encapsulated within a 20, 22 or 27 mm cavity.

Lead times for the MB-System are also far superior compared to other integral blinds systems, with delivery in just 15 working days from any Friday.

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