Product innovation, greater customer choice and smart ways to engage the next generation are amongst the latest development in integral blinds, according to Ian Short, managing director of Morley Glass & Glazing.

In a consumer age dominated by clever devices designed to make life easier, smart technology integral blinds present a great option for installers to impress homeowners and provide that all important up-sell opportunity.

“Integral blinds are a value-added option that many homeowners won’t be familiar with and represent a break from the norm of blinds and curtains,” says Ian Short, whose company manufactures Uni-Blinds® integral blinds. “Importantly, in many cases they’ll be prepared to pay an additional price for the benefits they offer.”

Uni-Blinds is a system of blinds (Venetian or pleated), which are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Ian says: “Uni-Blinds are an innovative product and should be considered at the design stage when formal specification decisions are being made – that’s because they are cost comparative when fitted at the time of the initial window installation.”

Once sealed in the totally dust-free environment of a sealed unit, integral blinds always appear new, do not fade and require no cleaning – unlike traditional blinds. This is an important selling point given the busy lifestyles of many homeowners and free-time being so precious.

Appealing to the Ipad generation is a new touch-swipe control pad for Uni-Blinds® integral blinds. Available UK-wide from Morley Glass & Glazing, the W-System Touch Uni-Blind features a control unit that operates the opening, closing, raising and lowering of the integral blinds with a simple swipe – familiar to anyone using touchscreen tablets or smartphones.

This is powered by a discreet solar panel mounted on the exterior frame or through rechargeable batteries – no hardwiring is needed so installation is easy with no electrician required.

Ian Short says: “Homeowners are always looking for new ways to stamp their personality on their home and the new W-System Touch is a great product for those more tech-savvy customers. Combined with contemporary colours, Uni-Blinds offer the ultimate modern décor add-on for installers.”

Uni-Blinds sealed units are supplied in the same way as standard sealed units with just 10 day lead times and Morley Glass provides an excellent after sales service.

Product and service differentiation is so important in today’s economic climate which is why integral blinds offer a valuable addition to any retail installer’s portfolio.