We understand that feeling comfortable can often become the definitive factor in making a house a home, which means regulating temperature throughout the year. We have recently worked with a customer who was looking to reduce the searing heat coming into their property at peak times throughout the year, as well as the intensity of light coming in.

This was important because it had a negative effect on their use of modern technologies, such as tablets or TVs. They let us know that they didn’t want to shut the light out entirely by using conventional curtains and nets. They also didn’t want to constantly deal with the collection of dust that can accompany blinds or curtains.

The customer in Henley commented:

We get searing heat, as we’re a south facing property, so it’s lovely to be able to just pull a blind down to keep it out. It makes such a difference!”

With this in mind, they needed an innovative solution as they also wanted to avoid the mess from drilling holes into their walls, and the expense of buying and fitting tracks or poles that sometimes don’t fit despite the double measure cut once approach. We were on hand to offer them exactly what they needed: integral blinds.

To make this happen, we worked in association with Abbey Windows. This Reading based installer offered the various products and specifications that are inherent to our range, which made them the perfect choice. Also, due to the flexibility of our integral blinds, Abbey Windows was able to offer something that perfectly suited the customer’s needs and tastes.

The installation of integral blinds within the glazed units turned out to be the ideal solution, as this took away the problems of any dust settling. Also, with the blinds being in the sealed units; this took away nearly all maintenance, and there was no need to drill holes to fit curtains or blinds. As a result of these blinds, this customer can now adjust the privacy and light settings of their home with ease.

The only thing the customer struggled with is what colour to choose from the entire range available!