Summer sunshine and warmth is something many of us long for during the depths of winter, when it seems we spend most of our days with the lights and heating on. But it is not a time to relish for everyone.

Perhaps you have young children who struggle to get to sleep because the sunlight is still bright late into the evening. Or maybe you work nightshifts and need to sleep during the day – you probably find it easier to get your ZZZZs in the gloom of mid-winter than during the summer.

If this is you, you’re not alone. There are numerous people whose lifestyles and family circumstances mean they need greater control about when bright daylight enters their rooms – the good news is that there is a highly effective solution with Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout integral blind.

Pleated blackout integral blind

The Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout blind is manufactured in the UK by Morley Glass using ScreenLine® integral blind technology from global leader Pellini S.p.A. It is fitted within the cavity of either a double or triple glazed unit, which means there is no need to mount anything on the wall or reveal that surrounds a window or door. And it can be used in everything from a standard casement window to a vertically sliding sash and bi-fold door.

It is perfect for retrofitting into existing windows or doors, simply be replacing the glass units, adding a new ability to provide ‘darkness on demand’ in a room at any time of the day. Raising and lowering of the blind is easy using a cordless slider positioned on the bottom rail of the blind – with no cords or other external elements on show, this delivers a clean, clutter-free appearance.

And the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout blind can be manufactured to order and delivered to window and door installers in as little as 10-12 working days – so if you are experiencing issues now, the answer could be with you sooner than you think.

Despite being called a ‘blackout’, the Uni-Blinds® pleated blackout blind is actually available in eight colours, including Grey Sheen and Cocoa to fit well with any neutral décor.

It is virtually maintenance and cleaning free too. As the blind is made using ScreenLine®, high quality is assured and the only cleaning that will ever be needed is an occasional wipe of the slider as the rest is permanently sealed inside the glass unit – a totally dust-free space.

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