Two new additions to the Uni-Blinds range of high quality integral blind systems give installers exciting new potential to provide shading and privacy solutions to homeowners aiming to meet specific aesthetic and light elimination goals.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of ‘between the glass’ integral blinds with ScreenLine inside, Morley Glass is a pioneer of innovative new products with Pellini Industrie, the Italian company behind the world-leading blind systems brand, and these latest solutions demonstrate the strength of their continued partnership.

Firstly, for homeowners who like the slider control system but are seeking to achieve perfect symmetry in the look of their windows and doors, the new Uni-Blinds SV+ System provides the solution. This offers all the benefits of the established SV System – which is the most popular of all Uni-Blinds options – but with a sideguide at each side of the unit to provide balance. These match the style and width of the head rail and bottom rail, with the result being a window or door that looks symmetrical and many homeowners love!

The SV+ is operated by a cleverly-designed magnetic slider, placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass. A narrow adhesive transparent profile ensures the linear movement of the slider. This slider is used to raise, lower and tilt the integral Venetian blind with ease.

The second new system is designed to provide total darkness on demand. The exclusive Uni-Blinds Pleated Blackout System gives homeowners an effective integral blinds option if they are seeking total darkness in a room. This is because its design allows for no leakage of light around the edges or, as is usually the case with pleated blinds, along the vertical cords.

This makes the Pleated Blackout integral blind an excellent option for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, cinema rooms and for shift workers who need to sleep during the day. It can also be used in commercial applications where the internal environment is sensitive to light, such as museums and scientific laboratories.

The great thing about the Pleated Blackout is that it can be used with ‘C’ and ‘S’ Uni-Blinds control systems and it is available in 20mm double glazing cavities. This exclusive from Morley Glass means you can choose the Pleated Blackout even if the window or door features a slimmer double glazed unit with a 20mm cavity.

Both the new Uni-Blinds options give homeowners more choice and greater flexibility to fit integral blinds that are right for their home and achieve the look they are seeking. That’s an excellent selling point for window and door installers using Uni-Blinds who can gain an important competitive edge over suppliers of other integral blinds systems.