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A beautiful addition for entrance doors, conservatory and window top lights, bay windows and fanlights

Stained glass has been a feature of some of the world’s most stunning buildings for centuries, and today’s energy efficient homes can continue that fine tradition with our wide choice of resin-based stained double glazed and triple glazed units.

From the white rose of Yorkshire or a Scottish thistle, to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired coloured glass feature or a more creative way to present your house number, our resin design capabilities are virtually endless.

Our custom-design requirements include text too, ensuring your house, business, club or association name can be proudly displayed above your door. And stained glass features are available on both clear and textured glass so every window and door in your property can consistently incorporate your chosen design.

Why not inspire yourself by taking a look at our leaded and stained glass galleries below.

Technical information

Coloured resins are skilfully applied in one of several ways: by hand, by a pump or using computer controlled machinery (Servo-Cad).

With the aid of the Servo-Cad, we can adjust the line thickness from 2mm to 15mm to allow all kinds of glass designs for windows and doors to be created. Working with our Creative Studio software this has the ability to recreate any design drawn by a felt tip pen ontoglass, plastic, wood, aluminium and ceramic whether it be with resin, routed or engraved.

The Servo-Cad can also outline any colour you require ranging from black, gold, silver, copper, white, grey and antique. We also have a clear outline which is known as “glassline” which simulates brilliant cut glass.